Westgate Shopping Centre Stevenage

Great opportunities to trade in Westgate alongside leading high street brands and quality independent retailers.


Energy Performance Certificates

A great place to work

Energy Performance Certificates

EPCs for our units at Westgate Shopping Centre are available as PDF downloads below:

Unit 1 (683KB)

Units 2/3 (687KB)

Unit 4a (679KB)

Unit 4b (690KB)

Unit 5 (686KB)

Unit 6 (681KB)

Unit 6a (682KB)

Unit 7 (683KB)

Unit 8 (677KB)

Unit 9 (682KB)

Unit 10 (680KB)

Unit 11 (679KB)

Unit 12 (677KB)

Unit 13 (686KB)

Unit 13a (691KB)

Unit 14a (678KB)

Unit 14b (678KB)

Unit 14c (688KB)

Units 15/15a (681KB)

Unit 16 (681KB)

Unit 16a (688KB)

Unit 16b (682KB)

Unit 17 (677KB)

Unit 18 (682KB)

Unit 19a (680KB)

Units 19/10 (680KB)

Unit 21 (690KB)

Units 22/23 (677KB)

Unit 23a (678KB)

Unit 26 (685KB)

Cafe Unit 27 (684KB)


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